Postdoc 'Single-molecule microscopy of antifreeze proteins' (V37.3573)

Postdoc 'Single-molecule microscopy of antifreeze proteins'

(Postdoctoraal) onderzoeker
Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie


Crystallization of water into ice is lethal to most organisms and detrimental to many soft materials. Freeze-avoidant fish living in polar seas evolved to tackle this problem with an unusual coping strategy. They produce ‘antifreeze’ proteins that block the growth of embryonic ice crystals within a narrow temperature range known as the ‘thermal hysteresis gap’ enabling survival under extreme conditions. In this project you will design and implement super-resolution imaging methods to unravel how antifreeze proteins work and to better understand the functionality of biomimetic polymeric antifreezes developed for materials science and biomedical applications.


We seek highly talented, motivated, and enthusiastic candidates with a PhD degree in Biophysics. The successful candidate has experience with quantitative super-resolution microscopy and protein biophysics; knowledge of crystallization and microfluidics is preferred. Furthermore, good communication skills, fluency in English, and a strong motivation to do original, fundamental research in an interdisciplinary team are essential.  An interview and a scientific presentation are part of the selection process. 


We offer a challenging job in a dynamic and ambitious, multidisciplinary research team at the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS) at Eindhoven University of Technology. Gross monthly salaries are in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement of the Dutch Universities (CAO NU). We also offer an attractive package of fringe benefits (including excellent work facilities, child care and sport facilities) and we can help you find accommodation.

The candidate is expected to disseminate the results through high-impact publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at international conferences.

Informatie en sollicitatie

For more information please contact Prof.dr. Ilja voets +31 (0)40 247 5303 / i.voets[at]

Application Procedure

To ensure consideration, your application should include the following documents (in PDF format):

•An application letter that outlines your qualification, interest and motivation for this position

•A CV with details on education, employment, publications, and research experience, as well as contact information for at least two referees.