PhD position on nanophotonic solar cell (V34.3669)

PhD position on nanophotonic solar cell

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Job description

This project aims to approach 46.7% ultimate efficiency limit of a solar cell by using nanophotonic engineering. Based upon our recent papers (Nano Lett 16, 6467 (2016), ACS Nano 10, 11414 (2016)), we will investigate tapered nanowire arrays. We intend to optimize the internal radiative efficiency by using proper surface passivation. The next challenge is to optimize the light extraction efficiency by optimizing nanowire tapering. Starting from our present 17.8% world-record nanowire solar cell, it is our objective to closely approach the 33.7% Shockley Queisser limit. The final challenge is to try to beat the Shockley Queisser limit by nanophotonic engineering.

Job description
The selected candidates will perform groundbreaking applied research towards very high efficiency nanowire solar cells. The PhD student will specialize on the MOVPE growth of III/V nanowire arrays within the NanoLab@TU/e cleanroom. This student will focus on core/shell growth and nanowire tapering. The student will also be responsible for processing into advanced nanowire solar cells. This part of the project is performed in close collaboration with Prof. Erik Bakkers. 

The work will be performed in the Advanced Nanomaterials and Devices group at the Eindhoven University of technology (TU/e). This group has a leading international position in the area of nanowire growth, and is part of the Institute for Photonic Integration at TU/e.


Job requirements

For the PhD position, we seek a highly talented, enthusiastic, and exceptionally motivated candidates with an MSc degree in Physics. Interest in materials science, solid-state physics and/or cleanroom experience is highly desirable. The candidate must have strong communication skills, including fluency in written and spoken English.

We will only consider candidates with excellent marks and a strong CV. As a rule of thumb, candidates should have an average mark being “very good” or “excellent” for relevant courses and their experimental work. Moreover, the experimental work should be at the level of the leading European universities.


Conditions of employment

Appointment and conditions of employment are through NWO-i.

Informatie en sollicitatie

Information and application

For more information, please contact dr. Jos Haverkort +31 (0)40 247 4205.

If interested, please use 'apply now'-button at the top of this page. 

If you are interested in this position please send:

  • a cover letter explaining your motivation and suitability for the position;
  • a detailed Curriculum Vitae (including a list of publications and key achievements in research project(s));
  • contact information of two references;
  • copies of diplomas with course grades;

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