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PhD for investigating methodologies for co-creation and design

PhD for investigating methodologies for co-creation and design

You only need empathy in design if you have excluded the people you claim to have  empathy for.   - Liz Jackson, Founder, The Disabled List
Faculteit Industrial Design


The Future Everyday cluster of Industrial Design TU/e invites applications for a fully funded  4-year doctoral position, investigating methodologies for co-creation and design, making place for care, power transfer and attention in the process of enacting of our future lives with systems, things and our physical movements through the world.
As a PhD, you will be involved with the EU-funded project, TRIPS. ​The ambition of the  TRIPS project is to take practical steps to address and pre-empt discrimination of citizens  who are dis-abled by barriers and challenges in urban transport. ​The project will be carried  out by a consortium of Europe-wide networks of users, transport organisations, assistive  technology specialists and municipalities in seven pilot cities, ​Bologna, Brussels, Cagliari, Lisbon, Sofia, Stockholm and Zagreb.

The work In TRIPS is specifically aimed at developing a new set of methodologies that  empower, and broaden the range of voices present in technology and policy development.  We are committed to broaden the involvement in the role of imagination, design and  exploration of new options and potential solutions. This includes supporting individual  structures to emerge, as a strategy for variation and difference, rather than sameness.  Throughout this, we will pay equal attention to speculation, as we do to investigation. In this  sense, we will work to facilitate a vision rather than a problem driven imagination of the  future everyday. 
In this project, you will work closely with disabled users from our partner organisations and  cities to develop and test 4 strategies for user engagement, leading to the design of a 
co-design methodology for the project: 

  1. Visions of a future everyday: What is the vision for an accessible city?
  2. Concerns, long-term engagements in consideration with existing systems: What are the main barriers to current everyday transport?
  3. Field, in-depth understanding developed on location and embedded in local contexts: Can we understand the everyday engagement with transport systems through longer term field studies?
  4. Experience, of prototypes and developments as they emerge: How will a given prototype change the way we can engage in each location?

For questions, please contact Kristina Andersen ​h.k.g.andersen[at]


Ideally you will have the following qualifications:

● Completed (or are about to complete) a Master’s in Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Design Research, Science and Technology Studies, or a closely related topic.

● Experience or keen interests in co-design, participatory design, or creative workshops
● Experience or keen interests in collaboration, community engagement, and collaborative methods
● Experience or keen interests in inclusive design and diversity
● Experience with research through design approaches and (preferably) prototyping of interactive systems/research products
● Experience working in multidisciplinary teams
● The potential to publish academically or a track record of publications in related research areas
● Good communication skills: fluency in English is mandatory.
● Availability to travel (Europe).


We offer:

● A full-time temporary appointment for a period of 4 years
● A gross monthly salary between € 2.325 and € 2.972 (on a full-time basis), depending on experience and knowledge;
● A yearly holiday allowance of 8% of the yearly salary;
● A yearly end-of-year allowance of 8.3% of the yearly salary;
● A broad package of fringe benefits (including an excellent technical infrastructure, moving expenses, savings schemes, and excellent sports facilities, parental and maternity leave).

Informatie en sollicitatie

You will be situated in the Future Everyday cluster, which investigates the everyday  interactions between individual people and the highly interconnected technology that  surrounds them. We measure, model and design for the user experience when individuals  interact with social-technological networks in their homes, at work, in transit, while doing  sport or going out. 
About TU/e, Industrial Design and Future Everyday.  
TU/e is a leading international university specializing in Engineering Science & Technology.  With high quality education and research, TU/e ensures the progress of technical sciences  and the development of technological innovations. TU/e is located in a highly industrialized  region in the Netherlands, known as the ‘Brainport’. This region is internationally recognized  as a top technology area with a special focus on the integration of design and technology.  The department of Industrial Design at TU/e is internationally recognized for its scientific  research on the design of systems with emerging technologies in a societal context. We  excel at the acquisition and execution of projects where “integration of emerging  technology into everyday life” and “application of technology in a societal context” play a  major role. The Future Everyday research group investigates the everyday interactions  between people and the highly interconnected technology that surrounds them.  

Please submit a CV and an expression of interest to Kristina Andersen via the apply now button. Please note that you can upload one document with a maximum of 10 MB. If you have more than 1 document you need to combine them.

Please do not send us your application by e-mail.
Deadline 13 April 2020 (local timezone) Because of the current situation the deadline has been extended