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Assistant Professor Designing for Systemic Change on Societal Challenges (EU.4149)

Assistant Professor Designing for Systemic Change on Societal Challenges

Creative and collaborative design scientist with AI expertise
Universitaire docent
Faculteit Industrial Design


Assistant professor Designing for Systemic Change on Societal Challenges within the Systemic Change group

“Systemic Change uses design and technology to study socio-technical systems at the level of a community, by designing interventions addressing societal challenges and analyzing their effect on the eco-system”.  The Systemic Change cluster focuses on designing innovations that have impact on systemic structures and groups of people, ultimately aiming to address large-scale issues such as urban health, future mobility and sustainability. Field data is used in novel iterative and circular research-through-design processes involving strategic alliances of stakeholders.

Specific qualities for this position:

  • Study and design smart objects and systems of smart things
  • Embedding AI and ML in tangible and embodied interaction
  • Versatility in algorithms, ML paradigms and fluency in state of the art ML technology for the purpose of sensing and information processing
  • Implementing AI in expressive designs, as an interplay of materiality, interaction, and computation
  • Study the nature of both centralized and distributed intelligence in designs and systems of smart things
  • Studying interactive recommender systems and context awareness in application domains such as healthcare, learning and automotive.
  • Multi-Modal interfaces (speech, gesture, physiological sensing, etc.)
  • Human in the loop machine learning and AI


  • Expertise in R&D methodology
  • Interdisciplinary background or expertise in working in interdisciplinary teams
  • Expertise in AI, ML, Interactive System Design, Tangible Interaction, UX Design or Multimodal Interaction
  • Digital Craftsmanship (e.g. using AI and ML techniques to study and design for aesthetic qualities of human-system interaction; versatility in algorithms, ML paradigms and fluency in state of the art ML technology for the purpose of sensing and information processing)
  • Ability to use AI in expressive designs, as an interplay of materiality, interaction, and computation
  • Ability to create bridges between research and education
  • Designer skills and a feel for aesthetic qualities
  • Track record in Design and HCI related conferences such as CHI, TEI, DIS, IUI, EICS or journals
  • Willing to apply research in application areas such as Health, Home, Mobility, Vitality, Games & Play, Learning and Fabrication
  • Proficiency in English (writing and speaking)
  • Portfolio of projects that demonstrate some of the above

It is not necessary that you feature all the mentioned qualities and competences to qualify for one of the vacant positions.

With this general description we aim to draw the attention of potential, suitable (female) candidates whom we would like to invite to come in contact with our ambitious and fast growing department so that we can investigate a possible, mutual match.


a comprehensive job profile is available upon request.

TU/e wants to attract talented female researchers because we believe that diverse workforce generates better problem-solving strategies and more creative ideas. It accelerates innovation and enables teams to better learning and growth. Recently TU/e has launched the Irène Curie Fellowship. This program is aimed at talented women who pursue an academic career at TU/e. This Fellowship facilitates women in their scientific career and consists of:

  • Development track position of 5 years or senior position
  • Substantial start-up package
  • Develop your own research line
  • Participate in curriculum of department
  • Dedicated mentoring program
  • Dual career opportunity for spouses

For more information about this program:

Informatie en sollicitatie

Contact persons:

Cécile Gijsbers , +31402474055, +31651164692,, consultant

Marijella van der Klugt , +31402476345, +3628346874,, consultant