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Vertrouwenspersoon Wetenschappelijke Integriteit

Vertrouwenspersoon Wetenschappelijke Integriteit

Non academic staff (supporting staff)
Human Resources Management
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Job description

Social Safety and Scientific Integrity are high on the agenda in the academic world, including at TU/e. TU/e must be a safe, open and respectful working and studying environment for everyone. Within TU/e, everyone involved in education and research bears their own responsibility for complying with and upholding scientific integrity. It is up to all persons within TU/e to actively engage in social safety and scientific integrity.

Do you want to make an active contribution? Become a Confidential Advisor!

The Confidential Advisor is a role you perform in addition to your regular position.

Confidential Advisor for Scientific Integrity (VP WI)

  • Acts as an accessible point of contact for questions and complaints about scientific integrity. The VP WI tries to mediate (if there seems to be a possibility to do so) or to amicably resolve the complaint in some other way. He/she only takes action on behalf of the complainant or the accused with their consent. The VP WI will also inform the complainant about the formal procedure of submitting a complaint to the Complaints Committee on Scientific Integrity.
  • The WI Confidential Advisor has an academic background, has an impeccable academic reputation and can deal well with ambiguities and conflicts. The Confidential Advisor may not have an ancillary position that could interfere with their functioning as a confidential advisor.

This is based on the TU/e Complaints procedure scientific integrity.

More information can be found on the integrity website.

Competencies of a confidential advisor

  • Trustworthy
  • Empathetic
  • Assertive
  • Good communication skills
  • Organization-sensitive
  • Knowledge of the TU/e organization

Description of tasks


  • Acts as a point of contact and assistance for the reporter, as described above.
  • Carries out counseling discussions with reporter focused on:
    • advising the reporter on how to handle and remove the grounds for the complaint
    • providing (emotional) support as needed
    • providing advice and information to the reporter
    • encouraging the reporter to bring about a solution at his or her own accord
  • Advises the reporter on solution options, such as resolving the complaint with the reporter in an informal setting or using the formal complaint procedure.
  • If necessary, supports the reporter in consultation situations with involved parties.
  • Refers the reporter to internal and external experts or bodies and, if necessary, consults with internal and external experts or bodies.
  • Provides aftercare.


  • Identifies and analyzes developments and structural bottlenecks in the policy area of scientific integrity.
  • Provides solicited and unsolicited recommendations to the Executive Board on an approach to address institution-wide structural problems, measures to be taken and (general) improvements to the working and/or studying situation.
  • Provides solicited and unsolicited recommendations to managers on possible approaches to individual (or groups of) employees, (preventive) measures to be taken and (general) improvements to the working situation.
  • Responds to consultation questions at all levels of the organization.


  • Develops informative materials.
  • Organizes and provides information sessions to individuals and groups on the confidential advisor’s field of work.
  • Provides information to individuals and groups on specific themes (specific problem situations, identifying and dealing with undesirable behavior, aggression, violence and harassment).

Registering and reporting

  • Keeps track of the number of reports and their nature.
  • Aggregates (individual) data into key figures and policy information.
  • Provides annual reports and explains them orally to the Executive Board while maintaining confidentiality.

The confidential advisor is willing to

  • Undertake a course on being a Confidential Advisor as well as subsequent training.

Information and application

The Confidential Advisor is a role you perform in addition to your regular position. The amount of work as a Confidential Advisor will be mutually agreed upon.

The Executive Board appoints the Confidential Advisor for a period of four years. Reappointment for a consecutive period of four years is possible.

TU/e strives to have a diverse team of Confidential Advisors. Given the current composition of the team, employees with a non-Dutch background are also warmly invited to respond.

If you will apply for this role, please send your application to Susanne van Weelden, secretary of the Executive Board.

For further information on the role of Confidential Advisor, please contact:

VP WI: GertJan van Heijst


You can respond to this vacancy via our application page by clicking on the button “Solliciteer op deze vacature/Apply for this job”. We do not respond to applications that are sent to us in a different way. You can upload a maximum of 5 documents of 2 MB each.

If you are interested in working in an exciting, dynamic, high-tech environment, where you contribute to the creation of the society of the future, then please apply as soon as possible. The final closing date of the vacancy is April 15, 2021.