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Supervisor of Business Intelligence & Data Management 1,0 FTE

Supervisor of Business Intelligence & Data Management 1,0 FTE

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) offers the position of: Supervisor of Business Intelligence & Data Management (1,0 FTE) Information Expertise Center (IEC)
Non academic staff (supporting staff)
Information Expertise Center
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Job description

Would you like to work on shaping tomorrow’s world? Contribute to groundbreaking innovations and developments in technology and science? Are you ambitious, passionate about data-driven work, do you like having freedom in your work and do you like to work together with others in an international and multidisciplinary environment? Then we are looking for you!

TU/e’s ambition is to achieve more ‘data driven’ decision making at all levels within the organization. The Information Expertise Center (IEC) plays a vital role in this development, more specifically with focus on research data management (RDM), general data management (GDM), business intelligence (BI) and open science. Furthermore, the IEC comprises the university library and archives, and provides information skills training to bachelor, master and PhD students. The IEC staff totals 45 employees.

Job description:

The emphasis in this job is on the further strategic development of business intelligence and data management within TU/e. You will work closely together with the head of the BI Team, who bears responsibility for daily management of the BI Cluster.
Beside strategic BI development, you will be responsible also for outlining a strategic generic framework for general data management and provide support to leading functionaries within research data management. You will be expected to commit your knowledge and experience in data management to making TU/e achieve a higher level of data maturity.

What we expect from you is that you have a clear set of ideas and a vision about business intelligence, data governance and (research) data management within TU/e, and on the basis of these ideas provide strategic advice to the board of the university, managers, deans and other leading functionaries. You are well informed about recent international developments within your field, and you know how TU/e can utilize these to create new chances and opportunities. Like in relation to data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and data governance. You report directly to the head of the IEC.

You will:

  • Provide strategic advice on the further development of the existing business intelligence environment as a framework for executive information at TU/e, including how to use this environment (working and managing).
  • Provide strategic advice on the further development of the comparatively new data governance structure, in order to further professionalize data management. Also, you will be responsible for compiling and updating a data management roadmap.
  • Advise on developing organization-wide business intelligence reporting that covers various domains (education, research, valorization, business management, HR and Finance).
  • Develop and set up qualitative management frameworks for the broad themes within data management, including general data management and research data management.
  • Keep track of the latest and of relevant (international) developments in the fields of business intelligence, data management and related subjects within and outside the academic world. These developments, including technological innovations, you can utilize independently to create opportunities and practical applications within the TU/e environment.
  • Collaborate intensively with colleagues within the Information Management Services (IMS), the General Affairs Service, and the Finance & Control Service in utilizing business intelligence and strengthening data management at TU/e.
  • Keep in touch with a network of colleagues in similar positions and facing comparable challenges inside and outside institutions of higher education in the Netherlands.
  • Stay familiar with recent developments and trends in the fields of data (management), business intelligence and research data management, preferably focusing on knowledge institutions.

Job requirements

You are expected to have the following qualifications and characteristics:

  • A completed academic education.
  • Ample and demonstrable experience in developing and implementing data management and business intelligence strategy and policy (preferably within a public institution), and experience in managing more complex data management and business intelligence projects, including their technical translation and/or implementation.
  • Outstanding competence in providing advice (at the level of a senior executive advisor) and ample experience in counselling within a political-executive context.
  • Ability to build connections between various sections of the university: board, supporting services, department management and end users within departments and services.
  • Ability to communicate with staff members of services that are responsible for providing information, functional management, technical management, BI, data management and security & privacy, and to understand their varied contributions in the field of data.
  • Knowledge of DAMA DMBOK, and ability to apply this theoretical framework to practice.
  • Experience with SCRUM or other agile development methods is an advantage.
  • Proficiency in the Dutch and English languages, both orally and in writing.

Conditions of employment

You will be appointed for a one-year period. If performance is satisfactory this appointment may be made permanent. Appointment via Euflex (the TU/e secondment organization) will be considered for the first year. Full-time gross salary, depending on knowledge and experience, will be a minimum of € 4.406,- and a maximum of € 5.656,-  (salary scale 12 CAO NU). The year-end allowance is 8,3% of the annual salary (corresponding to a monthly salary). The holiday allowance is 8% of the annual salary. In addition, we offer ample opportunities for self-development and excellent secondary conditions of employment, including day care for children, a retirement scheme, education facilities and excellent sports facilities.

Information and application


For more detailed information about the job please contact Merle Rodenburg, Director of the Information Expertise Center, e-mail: m.rodenburg[at]

Information about the employment conditions can be found here:


You can respond to this vacancy via our application page by clicking on the button "Solliciteer op deze vacature / Apply for this job". We do not respond to applications that are sent to us in a different way.

You can upload a maximum of 5 documents of up to 10 MB each.

Selection interviews will take place on 2 March from 12.00 – 17.00 h.

There is concurrent internal and external recruitment for this vacancy. For applicants of equal ability, internal applicants will be favored over external ones.

Acquisition as a result of this advertisement is not appreciated.