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Postdoc Position on Neuromorphic Integrated Photonics with Liquid Crystals

Postdoc Position on Neuromorphic Integrated Photonics with Liquid Crystals

(Post-doctoral) Researcher
Irène Curie Fellowship
Electrical Engineering
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Job description

Were you always fascinated by multidisciplinary research and had the ambition during your PhD research to go beyond your own specialized field to build a bridge to other research areas? Would you like to do exactly that and connect integrated photonics with synthetic organic chemistry in order to tackle the challenges in neuromorphic computation? Then you should read on and consider applying to this Postdoctoral Researcher position.


The current computing paradigm based on the Van-Neuman architecture is reaching its limits. The bottleneck lies in the serial link between processing and memory units and with the adoption of deep learning for neural networks in various scientific and industrial fields, parallel computing hardware based on neuromorphic architectures promise to provide better performance at higher energy efficiency. Within neuromorphic hardware, synaptic weighting, or in general, a linear matrix transformation consumes the most energy.
Photonic implementations of such linear matrix transformations can exploit various properties of light to achieve a high degree of parallelism. Many photonic matrix multiplication devices are based on free space optics which is difficult to scale due to their large size. A handful of concepts exist that use networks of optical interferometers, ring resonators, amplifiers or phase change materials that are suitable to be miniaturized and integrated on a photonic chip.

Project Description

In this project, we will use multiple waveguide modes in an integrated photonic device to perform matrix multiplication. For that, local refractive index control at high resolution is needed. The candidate will investigate how to achieve that with islands of liquid crystals that can be either electrically or optically tuned. The candidate will address several challenges connected to that:

  1. What types of liquid crystals have the most suitable electrical and optical properties.
  2. How to best deposit islands of liquid crystal on InP photonic integrated circuits.
  3. How to best contact and control a matrix of liquid crystal islands.

The project creates a bridge between material sciences and engineering by targeting a specific concept envisioned for neuromorphic computing. Your research will enable a whole new class of reconfigurable photonic devices with micrometer control, which could lead to highly efficient parallel optical processing engines.
This project is part of the Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute’s (EHCI) collaborative projects framework within the focus area Neuromorphic Computing. EHCI aims to make the roadmap for exponential technology happen, by developing new technologies, such as new types of processors, highly-efficient communication transceivers, secure communication technology and ubiquitous sensors.

Job requirements

  • We are looking for a candidate with a recent PhD degree in Photonics, Optics, Electrical Engineering or Chemical Engineering.
  • The candidate should have a background in either micro-/nanofabrication or synthetic chemistry or both.
  • The candidate should have a strong affinity with experimental work and be able to conduct research independently.
  • The candidate should be a team player and be able to work in a dynamic, interdisciplinary context.

If you are concerned that you don’t meet all the requirements sufficiently, but the job does excite you, then be sure to respond, we would love to look at your profile.

Conditions of employment

An exciting position within an international yet personal university. You are right in the middle of the students, on a green campus within walking distance of the central station. Besides beautiful architecture, you will find varied workplaces and excellent sports facilities. We also offer you:

  • Full-time employment for two years, with an intermediate evaluation (go/no-go) after one year.
  • A monthly salary depending on your knowledge and experience (scale 10 collective labour agreement for Dutch Universities).
  • A year-end bonus of 8.3% and annual vacation pay of 8%.
  • A favorable arrangement for more holidays or a sabbatical.
  • A selection model for additional fringe benefits.
  • Working hours in consultation for an optimal work-life balance.
  • Scope for your talent with advancement prospects and excellent development opportunities such as mentoring, workshops and coaching.
  • Partially paid parental leave and reimbursement for commuting expenses, working from home and the internet.
  • A generous employer contribution to the favorable ABP pension plan.
  • A TU/e Postdoc Association that helps you to build a stronger and broader academic and personal network, and offers tailored support, training and workshops.
  • A Staff Immigration Team is available for international candidates, as are a tax compensation scheme (the 30% facility) and a compensation for moving expenses.

Here you can discover even more information about our conditions of employment. Build on your career at TU/e!

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More information

Do you recognize yourself in this profile and would you like to have more information about the position, please contact the hiring manager: Weiming Yao, e-mail w.yao[at] or Danqing Liu, e-mail D.Liu1[at]

For questions about the application process or the conditions of employment visit our website or contact HR Services, e-mail HRServices.Flux[at]


If you are interested, please use the ‘apply’ button to send us your CV and letter of application with your motivation and a description of your qualifications.

Screening of candidates begins as soon as applications are received and continues until the position is filled. Where applicable, internal candidates will be given priority over external candidates where they are equally suitable.

We look forward to receiving your application!