5 fulltime Tenure-Track positions (V50.2984)

5 fulltime Tenure-Track positions

The Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) of the TU/e is expanding with a focus on translational BME research and is therefore looking for multiple, ambitious scientists on Assistant Professor and/or Associate Professor level, who would like to take on the challenge of setting up their own research line.
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Department of Biomedical Engineering
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Job description

The TU/e is a leading Dutch University of Technology with strategic areas on health, energy and mobility. Within the health arena, several departments cooperate on topics such as Molecular Imaging, Regenerative Medicine, Systems Biology, Biosensing, and Chemical Biology, with a close link to medical centers and industry. The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Biomedical Engineering, a master Medical Engineering in collaboration with MUMC Maastricht, and joint Master’s programs in Regenerative Medicine and Technology and Medical Imaging together with Utrecht University.

We are looking for vision & ambition!!

The Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) of the TU/e is expanding with a focus on translational BME research and is therefore looking for multiple, ambitious scientists. 

We offer 5 full-time (tenure-track) positions for candidates on Assistant Professor and/or Associate Professor level, who would like to take on the challenge of setting up their own research line in the fields of: 

Health & Data”

In most medical and biomedical experiments large amounts of data are produced. In this position you will focus on developing and applying computational techniques to analyze and interpreted this data in the (bio) medical context. The preferred research background should be in the combination of computational methods and biomedical engineering.

Questions related to this position can be directed to: prof.dr. P.A.J. Hilbers, phone: +31 40 2475537 and/or email: P.A.J.Hilbers@tue.nl 

Organoid Mechanobiology”

Research in cardiovascular regenerative medicine is becoming more inspired by mechanically driven tissue and organ morphogenesis. In this position, you will focus on the mechanical factors that drive tissue and organ development, with special emphasis on in-vitro organogenesis. The ideal candidate should have a background in biomedical or mechanical engineering with a strong track record in cardiovascular regeneration.

Questions related to this position can be directed to: prof.dr. C.V.C. Bouten, phone: +31 40 2473006 and/or email: C.V.C.Bouten@tue.nl 

Chemical Biology”

In this position we are looking for a chemical biologist who addresses contemporary biomedical challenges via innovative molecular approaches. The existing chemical biology faculty has a broad background including organic chemistry and drug discovery, protein engineering and molecular sensors, polymer chemistry and drug delivery, bionanotechnology and structural biology. Similarly we are considering excellent candidates from diverse background both in terms of scientific approach and questions.

Questions related to this position can be directed to: prof.dr.ir. L. Brunsveld, phone: +31 40 2472870 and/or email: L.Brunsveld@tue.nl 

“Molecular Biosensing”

In this position you are expected to push the frontiers of biosensing with a bottom-up biophysical approach. The preferred research background should be in (a) the design of molecules and molecular structures and (b) studies of their functional properties with single-molecule resolution. The focus of this position is to develop novel concepts for recognition and transduction for real-time monitoring of molecules and molecular processes in complex macromolecular environments.

Questions related to this position can be directed to: prof.dr.ir M.W.J Prins, phone: +31 40 2474018 and/or email: M.W.J.Prins@tue.nl

“Computational Cardiovascular Biomechanics”

Clinical decision support for cardiovascular diseases increasingly relies on patient specific computational models that predict outcome of clinical intervention. To advance our current research, this position will focus on the development, verification, clinical implementation, and final validation of these models in cooperation with our clinical partners. Candidates with experience in hemodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, fluid structure interaction, patient specific modelling, image based modelling, uncertainty quantification, are kindly invited to apply.

Questions related to this position: prof.dr.ir. F.N. van de Vosse, phone: +31 40 2474060 and/or email: F.N.v.d.Vosse@tue.nl

Special Recruitment Event - closed

On October 12 & 13, 2017, the Department of Biomedical Engineering will open its doors by hosting a Special Recruitment Event. The goal of this event is to give suitable candidates a platform to present their research statement, and in addition, to provide the opportunity to learn more about our department, the TU/e, and our future plans and challenges. 

You will be offered a tailor-made introductory program containing meetings with the department board, staff members, lab visits and a campus visit ec.

Please be advised that it is no longer possible to attend the Special Recruitment Event (registration has been completed).


Job requirements

Candidate description:

You will be selected on the basis of scientific excellence, the ability to attract research funding, potential to enhance and complement our current research, the level of interdisciplinary research, and the capacity to strengthen our expertise in the area of your background. 

Tasks in Research:

You are an ambitious researcher with independent ideas, capable of working across disciplines and leading collaborative research. We will support you in establishing or expanding a high-profile line of research with international exposure and reputation. 

Tasks in Education:

You will be expected to contribute to high quality education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Excellent communication skills are required and previous teaching experience is a pre. You will supervise Bsc and MSc students, PhD candidates and Postdocs.


You have a PhD or equivalent in biomedical engineering or a closely related discipline and have international stature. 

You have a strong drive to build or further expand your own research group. You strive to be an authority in your own area of expertise. You are a true team player with strong networking skills and a collaborative/entrepreneurial spirit, who is inspired by interdisciplinary research. You have experience in acquiring extramural funding for research projects.



Conditions of employment

We offer you:

  • a fulltime employment;
  • a tenure-track, open-rank position with the opportunity to build or expand your research group;
  • a unique opportunity to combine your research, educational, network and coaching skills in an inspiring environment where cooperation plays a key role;
  • a salary based on the rank of assistant or associate professor (depending on your level of experience), plus 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year allowance;
  • an attractive package of fringe benefits (e.g. excellent technical infrastructure, child care, savings schemes, parental leave packages, and excellent sports facilities);
  • support in your professional and personal development;
  • assistance in finding accommodation.



Information and application

More information:

How to apply:

Applications must include a cover letter, full Curriculum Vitae including a publication list, an overview of current research interests and a proposal for future research. If you are interested in this position and would like to apply, we request you to use the button "Apply now".

Screening of applications will start as soon as applications are received and will continue until the position has been filled.